Incentivise Open Source Contribution

with Decentralised Git Repository & DAO

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Grow your open source project, by incentivizing individual developers.

DeGit is a fast-growing open-source project community. We help open source projects to grow exponentially by incentivizing their developers.

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DeGit is a decentralized git repository consisting of two cores.

Image to demonstrate DeGit repository

DeGit Repo

DeGit Repo is a decentralized git repository on Solana Network. It enables users to store their source code without centralized control.

Coming Soon

Image to demonstrate DeGit Degiverse DAO

Degiverse DAO

Degiverse DAO is a transparent, decentralized environment for open source projects contributors to gain DEG tokens as an incentive.

Coming Soon

Seamless Git Experience, but decentralised.

All pieces are stored safely in IPFS, but the experience will be same as git repositories.

Image to show DeGit seamless development experience from Web2 to Web3

Managed by users, without centralized suppression.

The nomination and voting for rewarded projects are all decided by the community.

Image to show DeGit Decentralised DAO